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Wyrestorm Network HD 4KUHD Training

Wyrestorm Network HD 4KUHD Training

15 June 2017

Start: 25 May 2017

End: 30 November 2017


The WyreStorm Enado Control Solution combines powerful hardware and innovative software to provide integrators and end users with a robust easy-to-use control system that is perfect for both residential and commercial environments.


  • Control devices can be anything with a web browser (phones, tablets, iOs, Android, PC, Mac)
  • The web-based setup interface is intuitive and template-driven
  • Highly customizable and infinitely expandable

The Enado Control Solution has 80% of the features of much more expensive control systems and 100% of the features customers actually use.

Enado v4
Launching iOS & Android Apps

Enado v4 comes with the ability to launch iOS & Android applications directly from the Enado User Interface. This allows the user to have quick and seamless connection to a growing list of supported apps such as Lutron, Nest, Spotify, Sonos, Nuvo, CasaTunes and many more. Through launching peripheral applications you can expand the control system experience by supporting home automation systems that control room lights, door locks and thermostat temperatures. When you have finished using the launched application you can press back to be returned to the Enado User Interface.


With Enado v4 the systems ability to generate QR codes has been greatly expanded. QR codes can now be generated per Room and Activity. Once a QR code has been scanned Enado will immediately load into the corresponding location in the Enado UI. QR codes are a great solution in commercial environments where multiple Rooms/Zones are configured on Enado. By giving users access to Room/Zone QR codes they, can quickly and effortlessly scan the QR code from a mobile device and be directed seamlessly into the User Interface.

IFTTT & Amazon Echo Integration

Enado v4 firmware allows for Integration with the Amazon Echo and (If This Then That). With this integration comes the ability to use voice commands to trigger Enado to perform a huge number of functions. These can be simple actions such as turning on or off a display to huge macros with hundreds of commands. These options are endless with IFTTT’s constantly growing database of supported devices and triggers.


Enado Permalinks eliminate the need to configure dynamicDNS to remotely access Enado from outside the LAN. Enado will automatically generate a unique Permalink for each controller which can then be used in any web browser. If the WAN IP address of Enado location were to change the Permalink address will automatically redirect you to the correct location. This makes remote access into Enado quick and easy by simply navigating to the Permalink address. 

Hide/Show Functions

Enado v4 has the ability to Hide/Show button groups so that custom activity layouts can be designed with more creativity and functionality than ever before. This will allow you to have more control functionality in an activity layout without any clutter or hassle to find the right button, which will improve user efficiency and ease of use.

Course includes:
  • Product Knowledge

  • General setup

  • Programming

Course Dates:

Thursday 25th May (NWDC Manchester)
Thursday 8th June (Basingstoke)
Thursday 20th July (Basingstoke)
Thursday 14th September (Basingstoke)
Thursday 12th October (Basingstoke)
Thursday 16th November (NWDC Manchester)
Thursday 30th November (Basingstoke)

Course Fee: FREE
This training course is free of charge to first time attendees. If you've previously attended the course and wish to do so again you may do so however a fee of £99.00 will then apply. For more information, please call our office on 01256 638500 or email
For more information please contact Tanya Sworn