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Simple store & dealer locators

INDi offers simple locators with free iframe or bespoke eembedded solutions. 

Letting potential customers know where they can find your product or service really is vital. End users expect to see a store or dealer locator on your website.  

iframe = Simply copy and paste a few lines of code to page on your site. 
Example here
embedded = Customised locators can be tailored to your website and branding, we provide quotations on request. 
Example here
How does it work?

1- Register to iNDI here. 
2- Once approved you can send us your list for uploading - we will inform you of the fields we require. 
Your dealers/stores can also register to iNDI individually. They can  keep their profile updated with any changes made reflected in the locator.  This is unique to iNDI as most locators don't offer this functionality. 

3 - Dealer and stores tagged to appear in your locator are shown in your profile edit page where you can approve them.  

Our locators include the following features. 

Free iFrame features