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Samsung TV Firmware Update Crashes LCDs

Samsung TV Firmware Update Crashes LCDs

25 August 2017

The Guardian Newspaper reported this week that it has been contacted by a number of Samsung TV owners that after a Firmware update that was release last week their new TVs have become unusable and useless.

It's estimated that thousands of owners of 2017 high end Samsungs have been effected and furious that in some cases their brand new purchase is now just a blank screen. 

The faults include not being able to change channel, stuck on the home page, unresponsive remotes or just not switching on at all.

The models that have been hit are amongst Samsungs most expensive and in the MU6, MU7 and MU8 2017 range.

Samsung have announced they are aware of the issues and are working on a fix although it is not clear yet if this will be possible with an over the air software update or more likely a visit from a Sumsung qualified engineer.