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New Canal+ France Update crashes The Cube Receiver

New Canal+ France Update crashes The Cube Receiver

22 August 2017

French broadcaster Canal+ has launched new software for its HD satellite receiver The Cube. The new update has been rolled out to correct long standing issues with The Cube receiver including WifI issues, Recording problems and sporadic subtitles. As well as fixing existing bugs the new update is to include HD on Canal On Demand and to bring older models in line with the latest version of boxes to allow the addition of new functions accross all models.

But instead of being a smooth update subscribers have reported a wide range of issues after the new software was installed. Complaints include loss of recordings, HDMI issues, Loss of channels, overly large subtitles and slow boot up times and channel changing.

Customers that have experienced issues are advised no the change any settings on the box but to contact Canal+ directly for advice.