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Fransat Replace 1st Generation Viewing Cards

Fransat Replace 1st Generation Viewing Cards

18 September 2017

Viewers with 1st generation viewing cards for the French Service Fransat will notice a message on screen informing that the PC4.0 viewing cards will soon need to be replaced. 

By the end of the year the original viewing cards will no longer work although the newer generation access cards, marked "PC5.0" or "PC6.0" on the rear panel, are not affected.

If you are concerned about this replacement, information messages are regularly displayed on your TV prompting you to do so without delay.

In the absence of the acquisition of your new card, in a few weeks, you will no longer be able to receive DTT channels on your current FRANSAT decoder. It is therefore urgent to replace it without delay. After this time and if you have not made this change, a final informational message will be displayed on your TV the day before the channel is permanently disconnected.