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The independent sector share of the UK consumer electronics has more than halved in 6 years 

I'm Phil Millington. I have been in the independent electronics retail business for over 30 years.   

I am frustrated by the lack of support and exposure us independents receive from within the consumer electronics industry. 

It doesn't help if no nobody knows who you are !

Some manufacturers have dealer locators but not all promote independents. 

One profile, multiple websites

Indi locators can be easily added to any webpage with a simple line of code. Members keep their own profiles updated with any changes reflected across all searches. 

The only maintenance required for manufacturers is to authorise or de-authorise dealers who have added their business to the search.  



Indies have influence ! help promote us !

Many manufacturers got their break into the market via the independent route. Indies have a huge influence over their customers when it comes to recommending products and services.

I want manufacturers, distributors and industry affiliates to consider adding an embedded INDi dealer locator to their sites to help direct customers to their local independent.

INDi is  FREE to join. 

Dealers and installers please join my campaign 

  1. Register or login here
  2. Scroll to the affiliates drop down and expand to view 
  3. Type "campaign" in the box
  4. Select "INDi campaign" then save


This is an example of a dealer locator that can be embedded on any website.